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ТЕМА: Jim Schwartz double downs on his support for Jalen

Jim Schwartz double downs on his support for Jalen 4 мес. 1 нед. ago #19428

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Week 4’s loss to the Titans was good in that it identified plenty of areas for growth and improvement , and both coordinators Jim Schwartz and Mike Groh spoke to the media on Tuesday to discuss some of those adjustments.Here’s what defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and offensive coordinator Mike Groh had to say:Jim SchwartzOn the secondary play and personnelSchwartz opened that they are happy with Jalen Mills at corner, and while Rodney McLeod will be missed throughout his injury, they compartmentalized his replacement into two parts: Corey Graham and Avonte Maddox. They reviewed their roster and thought Maddox would fill that role best, especially with his experience in the nickel. He said that even though some things are new, there is a lot of similarities to the safety position, so everything they liked about him at nickel, they like him at safety.Schwartz was asked if that means Mills is firmly the outside starting corner for the team, and the defensive coordinator did not mince words; he is firmly in the corner of Jalen Mills and noted that he was a big reason the team had a Super Bowl parade this spring.He continued to say that Mills looks like a 2-2 corner, and the defense and team look like a 2-2 team. There’s been a lot of inconsistencies all around, but that it’s the job of the team’s coaches to help Mills through that and it’s Mills job to get out of that, but Schwartz has the utmost confidence in the corner and appreciates “a lot of good football” from him over the years.The defensive coordinator wouldn’t talk about any possible personnel changes — nothing new from Schwartz who typically defers to head coach Doug Pederson for those things. Minutes later he would go on to quote Malcolm Jenkins, “We all we got, we all we need”.Later on in the press conference, Schwartz was asked about some of the deep passes from Sunday and whether any of them were allowed based on safeties not being in the correct spot. Schwartz noted he didn’t want to get into each and every specific situation or scheme, but some were not played correctly. He said after looking back at the tape, he felt like the team’s defense played a really good first half, but then in the second half they weren’t consistent at all.Of each and every player that Schwartz was asked about, he towed the company line that they each have been playing like a 2-2 team. They each had good moments and bad in the first quarter of the season and until that changes Youth Alshon Jeffery Jersey , he isn’t really favoring any one over another and any of the positions.He did say that Sidney Jones has improved a lot, but again is one of those players whose had some errors, contributing to the team’s 50-50 record.On situational concernsSchwartz admitted that the fourth down conversions were incredibly disappointing against the Titans. He acknowledged that 4th and 1s, 4th and inches are tough situations to defend, having to cover seemingly ever piece of grass on the field, and that you can’t expect to win those battles every single time.“But damned if we shouldn’t expect to win every 4th and 15, and that was probably the biggest disappointment.”Schwartz pointed out that if that play doesn’t happen, the Eagles probably win the game. And he further noted that there were about six or so plays that if they would have executed properly, would have cemented a win for the team.“And, obviously we didn’t make the plays to win the game.”Asked to elaborate on what specifically went wrong on the 4th and 15, Schwartz was succinct in his reply, “our coverage broke down”.On the loss to the TitansSchwartz talked about how it was very disappointing loss, especially considering they had a 14 point lead mid-way through the third quarter. He admitted with that type of lead, it’s up to the defense to get the win and they didn’t do enough to stay competitive.He even pointed to the lead the team had in overtime, and noted that it’s the defenses responsibility to win that game.Never one to share what he says in private conversations, he did admit that he told the players that they are just one play away from being 3-1, but they are also just two plays away from being 0-4, and they can’t lose sight of that.On Vikings prepThe final question of Schwartz’s time with reporters was about what he saw from Minnesota this season as they prepare for the rematch in Week 5. He noted that they have a new— albeit still familiar — quarterback Color Rush Ronald Darby Jersey , but a lot of the same skill guys.Minnesota hasn’t developed a robust run game yet this season, but that’s mostly because they’ve either been playing from behind or playing in shoot-outs. They put a bunch of points on the board at least twice this season, and just had one awful game against the Bills — but he admits that was more circumstantial with Buffalo fired up after going 0-2 and losing a player during halftime.Schwartz said they’ll have to keep the points down in order to win....Mike GrohOn the offensive gameplan against TennesseeHe admitted — as everyone already knows — that the Eagles offense is always looking to play aggressively, and they want to be sound in what they do, but sometimes opponents get the jump on them and force pressure and sacks. The offensive coordinator was happy to have Alshon Jeffery back, and noted that he obviously provides a matchup advantage for the team, and that he’s a guy that Carson Wentz can always look to and feel comfortable with.Groh continued that Jeffery is obviously a big part in the plan moving forward, and he did a great job in his first game back.As a staff they try not to make a gameplan based on personnel but rather based on the scheme they’ll face at the end of the week, but they can run outside zone like they did against the Titans with any of their personnel groups.He was later asked about Jordan Matthews lining up on the outside and Nelson Agholor staying on the inside, but Groh said they have a lot of confidence in Agholor and he’s been really productive — this year and last — on the inside. On the run game specificallyGroh said the team is still committed to the run game, but that they got behind schedule and due to other circumstances and some three and outs, were forced to change up their game plan.Questions were peppered into the rest of his time with the media about whether he has authority to offer suggestions about the number of run plays to Doug Pederson and whether he tried to do so. Groh understood the line of questioning but said a run call is never far from Pederson’s gameplan and it was evidenced late in Sunday’s game when they were still putting the ball on the ground.He also lauded the head coach for being flexible and patient in regards to calling run plays, and is sure to converse with the staff before and during the game to make sure everyone is on the same page.On the offensive lineThe offensive coordinator wouldn’t agree with some people’s concern about lineman picking up blitzes and blitz recognition. Groh defended his o-line saying they were among the best in the league and he wouldn’t trade any of those guys.He pointed to opponents doing their homework and preparing for the Eagles and what they bring offensively. Specifically, the Titans had a good pressure scheme and work hard, and were able to get through the line and to Carson Wentz.Groh didn’t think the offense was tipping anything heading into some of those pressure plays and sacks, but that it was just luck of the draw. On red zone inefficiencyHe was asked about the team being in a position to win, both in the fourth quarter and again in over time, but ultimately being stifled in the red zone. Groh pointed out that they did take the lead in the fourth quarter but ultimately they aren’t getting the kind of production and efficiency that they want.Obviously Color Rush Mike Wallace Jersey , they want to score more touchdowns, and to finish off drives in the endzone. He said they will get back at it again this week and try and put a good game plan together, but they’ll need to execute and make plays.D.J. Alexander: 6 things to know about the Eagles’ new special teams ace The Philadelphia Eagles made a successful waiver wire claim earlier this week when they were awarded linebacker D.J. Alexander. In order to better get know the Eagles’ new special teams ace, I reached out to SB Nation writers from his former two teams: the Chiefs and the Seahawks. Thanks to Arrowhead Pride and Field Gulls for the insight they provided. CHIEFS PERSPECTIVE(Answers by Pete Sweeney)1 - Can you sum up Alexander’s Chiefs career?John Dorsey and the Kansas City Chiefs selected DJ Alexander with a compensatory pick in the fifth round of the 2015 draft, with the idea that Alexander could play special teams and perhaps develop into a good inside linebacker (The Chiefs have done this with a number of rookies--Daniel Sorensen, Albert Wilson and Ben Niemann all come to mind). Part one of the idea hit, and Alexander actually made a Pro Bowl as a special-teamer, replacing Matt Slater when the Patriots made the Super Bowl in the 2016-17 playoffs. Alexander finished his Chiefs career with 701 snaps on special teams but only 57 defensive snaps.2 - Why did the Chiefs trade Alexander last year?The Chiefs traded Alexander in what I figured to be a chance-of-scenery move. It hadn’t worked out in Seattle for LB Kevin Pierre-Louis, the return for Alexander. John Dorsey must have liked Pierre-Louis’ ceiling a bit better. On a side note, Pierre-Louis is no longer a Chief.3 - What are Alexander’s strengths and weaknesses?Alexander’s strengths as a Chief were speed and explosiveness to go along with his willingness to play on all of the Chiefs’ special teams units. For whatever reason, Alexander could never carve out a role as an inside linebacker despite the age and decline of Derrick Johnson and the revolving door next to him. A quick glance at his Seattle 2017 snap counts tell me more of the same story. For what its worth, Doug Pederson and Eagles defensive quality/assistant secondary coach Dino Vasso were on the Chiefs staff that selected Alexander.4 - Anything to know about Alexander off the field?Despite his struggles making a name on defense, Alexander showed good character during his time in Kansas City. Speaking with him as a reporter, Alexander was always respectful.SEAHAWKS PERSPECTIVE(Answers by Alistair Corp and Mookie Alexander [no relation], respectively)5 - What can you tell me about Alexander’s Seahawks career?The Seahawks traded for him for his value on special teams. He was coming off a Pro Bowl season on ST; when they acquired him, Pete Carroll called him ‘a ridiculous special teams player.’ Brock Coyle had left in FA, and he was a big part of that unit. Since Bobby Wagner was drafted in 2012, the backup MLB has been a key teamer Color Rush Corey Clement Jersey , first with Heath Farewell, and Brock Coyle after him. They signed Terence Garvin, another good special teamer, in FA, but he was an OLB. Alexander figured to be the next in that line of reserve MLB/ST.We really only saw him on special teams, I think he played less than 20 snaps on defense all year. Not that ‘backers generally stand out on coverage units, since they’re kind of restricted to the middle of the field and don’t make the flashy plays, but we didn’t see enough to give specific strengths or weaknesses. At the risk of repeating the same thing over and over, his strength really is special teams. He’ll play on every unit and be reliable, he isn’t going to abandon his lane or cheat inside/out.6 - As an expert on Alexanders, what should I know about this one?DJ Alexander’s Seahawks career wasn’t memorable in any way. Seattle traded for him (sending Kevin Pierre-Louis to the Chiefs) for linebacker depth and to help with Special Teams. At the time of the trade he was a year removed from being a Special Teams Pro Bowler. Really his strengths are supposed to be tackling abilities in kick and punt coverage, and he also had a punt block last year against the Giants. Can’t really comment on his weaknesses seeing as he only had 20 defensive snaps last year, so his actual abilities at linebacker are a complete unknown to me. The Eagles are known for great ST, so Alexander should be a good fit there if he’s brought over specifically for that. (Click here to watch Alexander block a punt against the Raiders in 2016.)
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